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Get rid of the constraints of wires

Stop being tied down by how far a cord or wire will reach and letting that limit your ability to design your home's interior. With our professionally installed wireless systems, you can set up your living room, home theater room and any other entertainment room exactly the way you want it - without the constraints of wires.


Mount your television to the wall and get the clean look that you've always wanted. Place your speakers wherever you want them to get the optimal effect. Find out more by calling us today.

Enjoy the best sound

Not only can wires limit the strategic positioning of speakers, wires also have a tendency of getting pinched, crushed and as a result, lose the effectiveness of their connections which will cause poor sound quality, static and complete loss of audio ability. Let us help you get the most out of your audio systems.

Wireless products

 •  Stereos

 •  Speakers

 •  Televisions

 •  Cable receivers

Not ready to go wireless?

Not a problem. You can count on our extensive selection of standard audio systems for your home or for your vehicle that will provide just as great of sound. You can also take advantage of our great variety of cell phone accessories that are always in stock. Stop in today and see what Sound Decisions can provide for you.

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