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Cut down on dead spots and poor reception

If there's anything that we've learned from cell phones, it's that they are as fickle and sporadic as the weather. It always seems that your signal drops when you need the phone most - or just every time that you're actually talking to someone.


If you're the victim of poor reception and frequent dropped calls, stop in to see the professional experts at Sound Decisions. Our vast stock of cell phone accessories are geared to help you improve your phone experience and always be able to use your phone when you need it.

Give your phone a boost

You can count on our expertly installed phone boosters to help give your cell phone great reception at home or in the car. Stop in today to see what options we have for you and to schedule your installation appointment. And while you're here, you can pick up an extra battery, charger or headset for your cell phone.

Accessories from:

 •  Smooth Talker

 •  Weboost

 •  Blue-Parrot

Enjoy home security all day everyday

Your home is the biggest investment that you'll ever make. Why not you can make a small investment in your home's security with a professionally installed video surveillance system from Sound Decisions. Even if you aren't in a high-crime area, the extra feeling of security will help you sleep more soundly at night.

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